Manuel Armenis is a street and fine art photographer based in Hamburg, Germany.

He was born in Mannheim (Germany) in 1971.

He studied at Icart, École de Photographie in Paris (France), and at the University of the Arts in London (England).

The emphasis of his practice is the realization of long-term projects with a focus on exploring the human condition within everyday and commonplace urban environments.

He lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.






• San Francisco Camerawork, San Francisco, California, USA (2017)

• Internationaal Fotofestival Overpelt, Overpelt, Belgium (2017)

• Independent Photography Festival, Melbourne, Australia (2016)

• The Center for fine Art Photography, Ft. Collins, Colorado, USA (2016)

• Head on Portrait Prize, Museum of Sydney, Sydney, Australia (2016)

• Photon, Center for Contemporary Photography, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2016)

• Galerie Pokusa, Wiesbadener Fototage, Wiesbaden, Germany (2015)

• Blackbox Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA (2015)

• PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (2015)



C41 Magazine (2017)

Dodho Magazine (2017)

• Abridged Magazine (2017)

LensCulture Street Photography Awards (2017)

• The Street Photographer Book 2 (2017)

F-Stop Magazine (2017)

The Independent Photographer (2017)

Lenscratch Fine Art Photography (2017)

• Street Photography Awards Feature on Lensculture (2016)

Phosmag Magazine (2016)

• Fraction Magazine (2016)

• Street Photographer Notebook (2016)

Edge of humanity magazine (2016)

• Schwarzweiss Magazin, Germany (2015)

• Heimat, Wiesbadener Fototage, Germany (2015)

• Réponses Photo Magazine, France (2015)

• Color, print edition, Blackbox Gallery, Portland, OR, USA (2015)



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